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Prof Prabhat Patnaik

Professor Economics.... View Profile

Dr Krishnendu Ghosh Dastidar

Professor Oligopoly Theory Auction Theory Game Theory Econom... View Profile

Dr Surajit  Mazumdar

Professor Political Economy, Indian Industrialization, India... View Profile

Dr Biswajit Dhar

Professor Trade and Development Issues International Finance... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Kumar Jangir

Professor Economics of Education, Social Infrastructure... View Profile

Dr Sugato  Dasgupta

Professor Political Economics, Public Economics ... View Profile

Dr Jayati Ghosh

Professor Development Economics International Economics Empl... View Profile

Dr Shakti Kumar

Professor Public Finance, Mathematical Economics... View Profile

Prof Satish Kumar Jain

Professor Law and Economics, Social Choice Theory ... View Profile

Dr Vikas Rawal

Professor Development Economics Agricultural Economics Appli... View Profile

Dr Subrata Guha

Professor Growth Theory and Distribution Macroeconomic Theor... View Profile

Dr C P Chandrasekhar

Professor Applied Macroeconomics and Development Economics W... View Profile

Dr Praveen Jha

Professor Labour Economics Agricultural Economics Developmen... View Profile

Dr Pradipta K Chaudhury

Professor Evolution of The Indian Economy During The Colonia... View Profile

Dr Himanshu

Associate Professor Poverty Inequality Employment Agriculture Developm... View Profile

Dr Sujoy Chakravarty

Associate Professor Microeconomic Theory Game Theory and Decision Theo... View Profile

Dr Ashok

Assistant Professor Economics... View Profile

Dr Manoj  Kumar

Assistant Professor Applied Statistics and Mathematics, Research Metho... View Profile

Dr Archana  Aggarwal

Assistant Professor Econometrics, Micro Labor Economics, Micro Urban E... View Profile

Dr Debabrata Pal

Assistant Professor Social Choice Theory, Economics of Network, Econom... View Profile

Dr Rohit

Assistant Professor Macroeconomic Theory Monetary Economics Growth The... View Profile

Dr Surajit Das

Assistant Professor Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Public Economics, Ma... View Profile

Dr Rajendra Prasad Kundu

Assistant Professor Law and Economics, Economic Theory... View Profile