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Dr Pius Malekandathil

Professor Maritime History Urban History of Medieval India I... View Profile

Dr Rajat Datta

Professor Economic History of India With Special Reference t... View Profile

Dr Najaf Haider

Professor History of Money Banking Credit and International ... View Profile

Dr Joy L K Pachuau

Professor European Expansion in Asia in The 16Th 17Th Centur... View Profile

Dr Umesh Ashok Kadam

Professor History of The Marathas With Reference to European... View Profile

Dr Janaki Nair

Professor Social Political and Cultural History of Mysore/Ka... View Profile

Dr R Mahalakshmi

Professor Evolution of State Structures in The Early Medieva... View Profile

Dr Heeraman Tiwari

Professor Indian Philosophy of Language Sanskrit Language Li... View Profile

Prof Aditya Mukherjee

Professor Political Economy of Development Since the 20th Ce... View Profile

Dr Radhika Singha

Professor Crime Law and Policing in Colonial India Identity ... View Profile

Dr Bhagwan Singh Josh

Professor Centre for Historical Studies Social Sciences, Nat... View Profile

Prof Yogesh Sharma

Professor Trade History, Maritime History, Urbanization, Eur... View Profile

Prof Ranabir Chakravarti

Professor Economic History of Early India and Indian Ocean M... View Profile

Prof Vijaya Ramaswamy

Professor Economic History specializing in Craft/Textile his... View Profile

Dr Sucheta Mahajan

Professor Modern Indian History Contemporary Indian History... View Profile

Dr Shonaleeka Kaul

Associate Professor Early Indian History, With Special Emphasis On Cla... View Profile

Dr Nonica  Datta

Associate Professor Modern South Asia and Contemporary India.... View Profile

Dr Jyoti Atwal

Associate Professor Indian Women in The Reformist Nationalist and Cont... View Profile

Dr Ranjeeta  Dutta

Associate Professor Religion and Society in Medieval and Early Modern ... View Profile

Dr Supriya Varma

Associate Professor Social Archaeology Settlement Archaeology Social A... View Profile

Dr Sangeeta Dasgupta

Associate Professor Tribal History Colonial Ethnography Missionary Stu... View Profile

Dr Indivar Kamtekar

Associate Professor Historical Studies... View Profile

Dr Burton Cleetus

Assistant Professor History... View Profile

Dr Jangkhomang  Guite

Assistant Professor Social and Cultural History History of Subaltern C... View Profile

Dr Birendra Nath Prasad

Assistant Professor Religion and Society in Ancient and Early Medieval... View Profile

Dr Kunal Chakrabarti

Retired Professor Social History of Religion Regional Histories With... View Profile