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Dr C S R Murthy

Professor International Conflicts and Security Peacekeeping ... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Rajagopalan

Professor Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control Military Doctrine... View Profile

Dr Amitabh Mattoo

Professor International Security Indian foreign Policy Arms... View Profile

Dr Yeshi Choedon

Professor United Nations Peacekeeping Operation... View Profile

Prof Varun Sahni

Professor Nuclear Deterrence Regional Security Changing Powe... View Profile

Dr Swaran Singh

Professor Arms Control Disarmament Conflict Resolution Peace... View Profile

Dr Balkrishna Champat Vaidya

Professor Political Geography... View Profile

Dr Jayati Srivastava

Professor International Political Economy Global Justice Leg... View Profile

Dr Happymon Jacob

Associate Professor Arms Control and Disarmament India’S foreig... View Profile

Dr Archna Negi

Associate Professor International Organization International Law Inter... View Profile

Dr Manish Dabhade

Associate Professor Diplomacy History, Theory and Practice With Specia... View Profile

Dr Moushumi Basu

Associate Professor International Organizations and Issues of Developm... View Profile

Dr Madhan Mohan Jaganathan

Assistant Professor Research methodology, International Relations theo... View Profile

Dr Krishnendra Meena

Assistant Professor Geopolitics, Critical Geopolitics, Brics, Borders... View Profile

Dr Shivaji Kumar

Assistant Professor Security Studies, foreign Policy Analysis, and Sur... View Profile

Dr Siddharth  Mallavarapu

Assistant Professor Theories of International Relations With An Emphas... View Profile