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Dr Gopal Guru

Professor Indian Political Thought/Indian Politics/Critical ... View Profile

Dr Anupama Roy

Professor Citizenship Studies, Political Institutions, Gende... View Profile

Dr Asha Sarangi

Professor Political and Cultural Economy of Development in M... View Profile

Dr. Sudha Pai

Professor State Politics,Comparative Politics,Third world st... View Profile

Dr Narender Kumar

Professor Public Policy Political Institutions and Political... View Profile

Dr Gurpreet Mahajan

Professor Political Science... View Profile

Mr. Balveer Arora

Professor Indian Government and Politics,Federalism,Union-St... View Profile

Prof Vidhu Verma

Professor Political Theory, Comparative Political Thought, A... View Profile

Dr Shefali Jha

Professor Political Thought and Theory Democracy and Constit... View Profile

Dr Pralay Kanungo

Professor Indian Politics Institutions Processes and State P... View Profile

Dr Dwaipayan Bhattacharyya

Professor Political Studies... View Profile

Dr Ajay  Gudavarthy

Associate Professor Political Theory (Especially Critical Theory), Con... View Profile

Dr Manindra Nath Thakur

Associate Professor Social Science Research Methods Marxist Theory Ind... View Profile

Dr V Bijukumar

Associate Professor Comparative Politics Liberal Political Theory Nort... View Profile

Dr T G Suresh

Associate Professor Critical Globalization Studies Comparative Politic... View Profile

Dr Sudhir Kumar Suthar

Assistant Professor International Relations, Comparative Public Policy... View Profile

Dr Jubilee Shangrei

Assistant Professor Area Studies... View Profile

Dr Tapan Kumar Bihari

Assistant Professor Area Studies... View Profile

Dr Amir Ali

Assistant Professor Political Theory, Multiculturalism, Group Rights ... View Profile

Dr Rinku Lamba

Assistant Professor Olitical Theory Secularism and Multiculturism West... View Profile

Dr Rajarshi Dasgupta

Assistant Professor Marxism, Biopolitics, Refugee Histories, Urbanizat... View Profile

Dr Harish S Wankhede

Assistant Professor Political Theory, Political Institutions, Seculari... View Profile

Dr Papia Sen Gupta

Assistant Professor Language and Culture in India, South Asia, Gender ... View Profile