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Dr Atul Sood

Professor Area Studies... View Profile

Dr Amaresh Dubey

Professor Poverty, Inequality, Education and Labour Markets,... View Profile

Dr Sachidanand Sinha

Professor Area Studies... View Profile

Prof Padmini Pani

Professor Land Degradation, River Systems, Climate Change, M... View Profile

Dr B S Butola

Professor Regional Development and Planning Political Geogra... View Profile

Dr Shrawan Kumar Acharya

Professor Urban and Regional Planning Urban Governance Pover... View Profile

Dr Kaushal Kumar Sharma

Professor Area Studies... View Profile

Dr Harjit Singh

Professor Regional Development... View Profile

Dr Anuradha Banerjee

Professor Urban Geography Population Issues Including Urbani... View Profile

Dr Seema Bathla

Professor Agricultural Economics Agricultural Trade Public a... View Profile

Dr Sucharita Sen

Professor Natural Resource and Rural Livelihoods... View Profile

Dr Milap Punia

Professor Spatial Data Analysis and Geographic Information S... View Profile

Prof Ravi Srivastava´╗┐

Professor Uneven Development; Labour and Migration; Informa... View Profile

Dr Bupinder Zutshi

Professor Human and Settlement Geography, Geography of Servi... View Profile

Dr Milap Chand Sharma

Professor Glacial Geomorphology Temporal Glacial Fluctuation... View Profile

Dr D N Das

Professor Study of Regional Development.... View Profile

Dr Deepak K Mishra

Professor Political Economy of Agrarian Change Economic Tran... View Profile

Dr Madan Mohan

Associate Professor Geographic Information Science... View Profile

Dr Sanjeev Sharma

Associate Professor Human Ecology Environmental Impact Assessment and ... View Profile

Dr Indrani Roy Chowdhury

Associate Professor Regional Development... View Profile

Dr Bhaswati Das

Associate Professor Population and Development With Special Emphasis O... View Profile

Dr Elumalai Kannan

Associate Professor Agricultural Economics Institutional Economics Non... View Profile

Dr Purva Yadav

Assistant Professor Economic Geography, Particularly The Geographies o... View Profile

Dr Suresh R

Assistant Professor Industrial Economics, Labour Economics, Inequality... View Profile

Dr Bikramaditya K Choudhary

Assistant Professor Regional Disparity and Development, Resource Confl... View Profile

Dr Amit  Thorat

Assistant Professor Poverty, Inequality, Social Exclusion and Discrimi... View Profile

Dr Nandita Saikia

Assistant Professor Mortality, Longevity and Disability Status forecas... View Profile

Dr Srinivas Goli

Assistant Professor Formal Demography Inequalities in Health Nutrition... View Profile

Prof Saraswati Raju

Coordinator Social development with particular focus on gender... View Profile