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Dr Surinder Singh Jodhka

Professor Social Stratification... View Profile

Dr Harish Naraindas

Professor Sociology of Science and Medicine Have Led to A Nu... View Profile

Dr Vivek Kumar

Professor Methodology of Social Sciences, Sociology of Margi... View Profile

Dr V Sujatha

Professor Sociology of Knowledge Sociology of Health and Med... View Profile

Prof Nilika Mehrotra

Professor Gender, Disability Studies, Development, Food and ... View Profile

Dr Maitrayee Chaudhuri

Professor Sociology of Gender Media Studies Social and Socio... View Profile

Dr Avijit Pathak

Professor Sociology of Modernization, Social Theory, Sociolo... View Profile

Prof Tiplut Nongbri

Professor Sociology of Family and Kinship, Ethnicity, Tribe... View Profile

Dr Nilika Mehrotra

Professor Social Anthropology. Gender Disability Tribal Deve... View Profile

Dr Susan Visvanathan

Professor Theory Sociology of Religion and Urbanism... View Profile

Prof Renuka Singh

Professor ender Studies, Sociology of Culture and Religion, ... View Profile

Dr Edward Agapito Rodrigues

Professor Social Theory Caste Study Modernity and Globalisat... View Profile

Dr Gurram  Srinivas

Associate Professor Social Stratification, Dalit Studies, Environments... View Profile

Dr Manoj Kumar Jena

Associate Professor Sociology of Science and Technology, Information C... View Profile

Dr Amit Kumar Sharma

Associate Professor Cinema and Culture in India ... View Profile

Dr Angomcha Bimol Akoijam

Associate Professor Social and Political Psychology and Cultural Studi... View Profile

Dr Tanweer Fazal

Associate Professor Sociology of Nationalism Ethnic and Minority Studi... View Profile

Dr Prakasha Chandra Sahoo

Assistant Professor Area Studies... View Profile

Dr Ratheesh Kumar

Assistant Professor Sociology of Education, Critical Pedagogy, Popular... View Profile

Dr Divya Vaid

Assistant Professor Social Stratification, Social Mobility and Inequal... View Profile

Dr L.Lam Khan Piang

Assistant Professor Ethnicity, Identity, Nation and Nationalism, Triba... View Profile

Dr Asheesh Kumar

Assistant Professor Area Studies... View Profile