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Prof Rizwanur Rahman

Professor Arabic Language and Literature, Islamic Civilizati... View Profile

Dr F U Farooqi

Professor Classical and Modern Arabic poetry ,Islamic Studie... View Profile

Dr Mohd Aslam Islahi

Professor Modern Arabic Language Current Historical and Soci... View Profile

Dr Mujeebur Rahmani

Professor Modern Arabic Prose Novels and Dramas Translation ... View Profile

Dr Ubaidur Rahman

Associate Professor Modern Arabic Literature... View Profile

Dr Md Qutbuddin

Associate Professor Modern Arabic Literature, Translation and Interpre... View Profile

Dr Mohammad Ajmal

Assistant Professor Classical Poetry, Modern Arabic Prose, Arabic Stud... View Profile

Dr Akhtar Alam

Assistant Professor Arabic Novels... View Profile

Dr Khurshid Imam

Assistant Professor Hebrew Language and Culture, Hebrew Studies, Semit... View Profile

Dr Mohd Akram Nawaz

Assistant Professor Modern Arabic Prose/Arabic Studies in India... View Profile

Dr Zar Nigar

Assistant Professor Classical Arabic Prose and Poetry... View Profile

Dr A Basheer Ahmad

Retired Professor Arabic Grammar Text and Functional , Applied Lingu... View Profile