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Prof Suneel Kateriya

Dean Professor and Dean at School of Biotechnology, Jaw... View Profile

Prof Binay Panda

Professor Facuty at SBT... View Profile

Dr Rupesh Chaturvedi

Professor Host Pathogen Interaction/ Infection Biology... View Profile

Prof Sandeep Saxsena

Professor Faculty at SBT... View Profile

Prof Arvind Pratap Singh

Professor ... View Profile

Prof Uttam K Pati

Professor Molecular chaperones and gene regulation, Tumor su... View Profile

Dr Rakesh Bhatnagar

Professor Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases Recombina... View Profile

Dr Aparna Dixit

Professor Transcriptional Regulation of Oncogenes and Signal... View Profile

Dr K J Mukherjee

Professor Metabolic engineering for redesign of hosts as an ... View Profile

Dr Rajiv Bhat

Professor Protein Stability and Folding Thermodynamic and Ki... View Profile

Dr Suneel Kateriya

Professor Optogenetics Photoreceptor Channelopathies C Iliop... View Profile

Dr Pawan K Dhar

Professor Synthetic Biology Applications in Health Energy an... View Profile

Dr Dwaipayan Bharadwaj

Professor Functional Genomics and Epigenomics of Complex Dis... View Profile

Dr Deepak Gaur

Professor Infectious Diseases Vaccine Development Molecular... View Profile

Dr D Choudhury

Associate Professor Biotechnology... View Profile

Dr Subhrangsu Sundar Maitra

Associate Professor Optimization of Bioprocesses Downstream Processing... View Profile

Dr Kashyap Dubey

Assistant Professor Faculty At SBT... View Profile

Dr Syamala Maitreyi Rajala

Assistant Professor Molecular Virology, Cancer Biology... View Profile

Dr Virendra Singh

Assistant Professor Faculty at SBT... View Profile

Dr Ravi Kumar

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Ravi Verma

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Ravi Tandon

Assistant Professor Hiv Immunology, Gut Microbiology, Mucosal Immunity... View Profile

Dr Manoj K. Sharma

Assistant Professor Plant Genomics and Genetic Engineering ; ... View Profile

Dr Swati Tiwari

Assistant Professor Regulation of Cell Cycle and The Role of Ubiquitin... View Profile

Dr Jaydeep Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor Nanobiotechnology, Biosensors, Single Molecule Flu... View Profile

Dr Hemant Ritturaj Kushwaha

Assistant Professor Systems Biology, Computational Biology, Evolution... View Profile

Dr Ranjana Arya

Assistant Professor Cell Biology of Rare Genetic Disorders... View Profile

Dr Abhinav Grover

Assistant Professor Bioprocess Technology Biotherapeutics Production B... View Profile