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Dr Balasundaram S

Professor Finite Element Analysis Surface and Solid Modeling... View Profile

Mr. C P Katti

Professor Numerical Analysis, Parallel Processing... View Profile

Dr Parimala N

Professor Object Orientation Dbms Software Engineering... View Profile

Dr Sonajharia Minz

Professor Data Mining Machine Learning Rough Set Theroy Soft... View Profile


Professor V. B. Singh is currently working as Professor in t... View Profile

Dr Satish Chand

Professor Video Broadcasting, Image Processing, Wavelet Tran... View Profile

Mr. P.C. Saxena

Professor Networking and Distributed Computing, Optimization... View Profile

Dr Rajeev Kumar

Professor Dependable Software System Evo. Combinatorial Opti... View Profile

Dr Deo Prakash Vidyarthi

Professor Parallel/Distributed Systems Grid Cloud Computing ... View Profile

Dr Vijay Kumar T V

Professor Databases, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Machine ... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Kumar Agrawal

Professor Data Mining, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition... View Profile

Dr D K Lobiyal

Professor Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Issues Related to Routing M... View Profile

Prof Karmeshu .

Professor Modelling and Computer Simulation (Nonlinear-Stoch... View Profile

Mr. G.V. Singh

Professor Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processi... View Profile

Dr. K K Bhardwaj

Professor Knowledge Engineering, Machine Learning (Symbolic,... View Profile

Dr Sachin Jadhav

Associate Professor Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Pattern Recogniti... View Profile

Dr Zahid Raza

Associate Professor Parallel and Distributed Systems, Grid Computing, ... View Profile

Dr Aditi  Sharan

Associate Professor Text Mining, Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis... View Profile

Dr Tirthankar Gayen

Assistant Professor Software Engineering, Natural Language Processing,... View Profile

Dr Asutosh Srivastava

Assistant Professor Vlsi Design/Nano Electronics, Cad Tools in Vlsi De... View Profile

Dr Krishnan Rajkumar

Assistant Professor Computer Science Software Engineering... View Profile

Dr Ratneshwer

Assistant Professor Software Engineering, Computer Networks ... View Profile

Dr Sushil  Kumar

Assistant Professor Internet of Things, Vehicular Cyber-Physical Syst... View Profile

Dr Karan Singh

Assistant Professor Network Security,Multicast Communication,Computer ... View Profile

Dr Buddha Singh

Assistant Professor Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, ... View Profile

Dr Ayesha Choudhary

Assistant Professor Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Digital Image P... View Profile

Dr C P Katti

Retired Professor Numerical Analysis / Scientific Computing Parallel... View Profile