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Dr. Kasturi Datta

Professor Molecular and Cell Biology,Genetic Engineering,Ani... View Profile

Dr P S Khillare

Professor Environmental Chemistry Env. Monitoring Assessment... View Profile

Dr Satish Chandra Garkoti

Professor Plant Ecology forest Structure Community Regenerat... View Profile

Prof Saumitra Mukherjee

Professor Geology Remote Sensing Space Sciences Gis Applicat... View Profile

Dr N Janardhana Raju

Professor Hydrogeology Environmental Geosciences Aquatic Ge... View Profile

Dr Jayant Kumar Tripathi

Professor Geochemistry Surface Earth Processes Palaeoclimate... View Profile

Dr Dhananjai Pandey

Professor Continental margin evolution, Geodynamics, Crusta... View Profile

Dr Al Ramanathan

Professor Hydrogeochemistry Biogeochemistry Glaciology Envir... View Profile

Dr Krishan Kumar

Professor Air and Noise Pollution Modeling Urban Heat Island... View Profile

Dr Pawan Kumar Joshi

Professor Remote Sensing and Gis for Vegetation Sciences Rem... View Profile

Dr Paulraj Rajamani

Professor Environmental Cancer Biology Nanotoxicology and Oc... View Profile

Dr. Vaidynathan Subramanian

Professor Water and Natural Resources,Environment,Pollution,... View Profile

Dr Krishna Gopal Saxena

Professor Ecology Natural Resource Management and Sustainabl... View Profile

Dr Dinesh Mohan

Professor (1) Environmental Chemistry/Environmental Science ... View Profile

Dr. A.K. Bhattacharya

Professor Environmental pollution; Monitoring and management... View Profile

Dr. Jitendra Behari

Professor Bio-Physics,Bioelectromagnetism,Environmental Scie... View Profile

Dr Umesh Kulshrestha

Professor Air Pollution Atmospheric Chemistry Climate Change... View Profile

Dr. Arun K. Attri

Professor Air,Water and soil pollution; Global warming; Role... View Profile

Dr Indu Shekhar Thakur

Professor Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology... View Profile

Prof Sudha Bhattacharya

Professor RNA Biology, Molecular Parasitology, Genomics.... View Profile

Dr Usha Mina

Associate Professor Agroecology, Air Pollution and Environmental Impac... View Profile

Dr Sudesh  Yadav

Associate Professor Environmental Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Neelam Siva Siddaiah

Associate Professor Environmental Sciences... View Profile

Dr Ilora Ghosh

Associate Professor Environmental Toxicology and Human Health Cellular... View Profile

Dr Arun Kumar Srivastava

Assistant Professor Micro Physics of Aerosols, Physical and Chemical C... View Profile

Dr Ashwani Kumar Tiwari

Assistant Professor Water resources management and GIS, hydrogeochemis... View Profile

Dr Ramovatar Meena

Assistant Professor Health Effects of Nanomaterials,Biomedical Applica... View Profile

Dr Meenakshi Dua

Assistant Professor Molecular Microbial Ecology, Microbial Interactio... View Profile

Dr Amit Kumar Mishra

Assistant Professor Study of Aerosols Properties Using Remote Sensing ... View Profile