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Dr Rana P Singh

Professor Carcinogenesis Tumor Microenvironment Tumor Angio... View Profile

Dr Pramod C Rath

Professor Molecular Biology (A) Genomic Biology of Repetitiv... View Profile

Prof R K Kale

Professor Effects of Ionizing Radiation, Studies in Radiopro... View Profile

Dr Sneha Sudha Komath

Professor Glycobiology Biophysical Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Samudrala Gourinath

Professor Structural and Functional Studies of Crucial Pathw... View Profile

Dr Supriya Chakraborty

Professor Begomoviruses Molecular Biology Host Virus Interac... View Profile

Prof Neera Bhalla Sarin

Professor Genetic manipulation of plants for developmental s... View Profile

Dr K Natarajan

Professor Chromatin and Transcription; Fungal pathogenesis; ... View Profile

Dr Arun Sidram Kharat

Professor Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance Genes, Host Pathog... View Profile

Dr Praveen Verma

Professor Expert in Life Sciences... View Profile

Dr Ajay Kumar Saxena

Professor Structural Biology On Disease Related Proteins, St... View Profile

Dr Ashis K Nandi

Professor Genetic and Epigenetic Regulation of Plant Immune ... View Profile

Prof Amal Chandra Mondal

Professor Cellular & Molecular Neurobiology of Depression an... View Profile

Dr Shweta Saran

Professor Cell and Developmental Biology... View Profile

Dr Deepak Sharma

Professor Neurobiology of Ageing and Epileptic Brain and Its... View Profile

Mr. Kailash Upadhyaya

Professor Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Ayurveda, Health Scie... View Profile

Prof Rajendra Prasad

Professor Membrane Biology ... View Profile

Dr Birendra Nath Mallick

Professor Neurophysiology Neurobiology of Sleep Wakefulness ... View Profile

Dr Shyamal K Goswami

Professor Cell Signaling and Gene Expression in Cardiovascul... View Profile

Dr. Pramod Kumar Yadava

Professor Measles Virus Reverse Genetics,Medicinal Effect of... View Profile

Dr Rajiv Saxena

Professor Cancer Biochemistry Cell Biology Protein Chemistry... View Profile

Prof Alok Bhattacharya

Professor Parasitology, Basic biology, Computation biology &... View Profile

Najma Zaheer Baquer

Professor Endocrinology,Metabolic Recognition,Brain Aging De... View Profile

Dr B C Tripathy

Professor Photobiology & Plant Physiology, Organisation and ... View Profile

Prof Sudha M Cowsik

Professor Biophysics, Structural Biology ... View Profile

Dr Ashwani Pareek

Professor Functional Genomics forward and Reverse Genetics A... View Profile

Dr Atul Kumar Johri

Professor Microbial Pathogenesis Membrane Proteins Structur... View Profile

Dr Alok Kumar Mondal

Professor Yeast Molecular and Cell Biology... View Profile

Dr Rohini Muthuswami

Associate Professor Epigenetics and Chromatin Remodeling... View Profile

Dr Neelima Mondal

Associate Professor Cell Biology/Cancer Biology... View Profile

Dr Sushil K Jha

Associate Professor Neuroscience... View Profile

Dr Nirala  Ramchiary

Assistant Professor Comparative, Functional and Evolutionary Genomics ... View Profile

Dr Karunakar Kar

Assistant Professor Biophysical  and Biomaterials Research Laboratory... View Profile

Dr Abhisheka Bansal

Assistant Professor Cell and Molecular Biology of The Malaria Parasite... View Profile

Dr Ashu Bhan Tiku

Assistant Professor Radiation and Cancer Therapeutics... View Profile

Dr Niti Puri

Assistant Professor Role and Molecular Mechanisms of Mast Cell Effecto... View Profile

Dr Sneh Lata Panwar

Assistant Professor Yeast Molecular Genetics in S. Cerevisiae and The ... View Profile

Dr Chandra Prakash

Post-Doctoral Research Scientist Chandra Prakash is working as DHR-Young Scientist ... View Profile

Mr Baishnab Charan Tripathy

Retired Professor Life Science Biochemistry Physiology Photobiology ... View Profile